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Irene Hannestad

     Irene has had a love for art since childhood and has been involved in many different forms of arts and crafts as well as drawing and painting. She has had many years of experience as a graphic designer and is a published illustrator of books and magazines. Today, along with her watercolor painting, she also runs her own picture-framing studio, as well as continuing to work as a graphic artist and more recently, as a web-site designer.

     Watercolor is her favorite painting medium and she loves the translucent quality that can so beautifully describe sunlight and shadow. She has enriched her watercolor paintings with a strong sense of design and color and enjoys painting a wide variety of subject matter, including florals, landscapes, boats and her own children. But, her greatest inspiration comes from her own rose garden, from which she paints her glowing portraits of roses.

     Irene loves to grow roses and has accumulated over 70 different varieties. Many are David Austin and old roses, and these are the ones that make the most beautiful paintings.

You may find more of Irene's beautiful art on her site at

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