Rose Magazine, Seattle's Woodland Park Rose Garden at the Zoo
Photo by William J. Huff



     The tall, billowy evergreen trees that dot the grounds are carefully clipped into mounded shapes. They've been dubbed "the muffin trees" because of their interesting shapes. A shaded gazebo, an old  stone fountain that is kept planted with annuals, and carefully tended arbors around the sides of the garden provide further visual interest.

     If you visit, hours are 7 am to dusk, every day of the year.  Just get directions to the Woodland Park Zoo, and park in the shady lot in front of the main zoo entrance.  The Rose Garden will be to your east.

     Woodland Park Rose Garden at the Zoo, 5500 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103. For information, call 206-684-4863.
(By Sandy Huff)

     You can access the official website for the Woodland Park Rose Garden at

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