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  • Black Spots

    Hello, I am in my second year of rose growing. When I comes to any other plant I seem to have no trouble but my roses just keep getting black spots then yellowing and falling off. I am kinda at a loss to do I have tried sprays and treatment to the ground. I live in central Tennessee, it is very...
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by New2roses on 06-30-2017
  • Re: Black Spot & pruning

    After some success in battling Black Spot, and taking all the precautions, I'm left with a rambler (about 5' tall) without any leaves.,Otherwise, right now, it looks "OK". Will I kill it or help it if I prune it back, say half way? There seems to be little info out here regarding pruning...
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by Anonymous on 06-24-2012
  • Re: Black Spot

    Hi, Try planting your rose bushes with enough space between them to allow for air circulation. I find that my roses planted in a bunch together get black spot, while the bush that has a lot of clearance around it does not. It drys out much quicker after a rain shower. Give this a try, it might help.
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by Pac on 03-20-2012
  • Black Spot

    Here in zone 9, the humidity stays high, we've had frequent rains lately, and dew is usually very heavy, all contributing to that dreaded black spot. I have finally gone in with some friends and purchased Compass to see if it's really that good and worth the money. Other than that, I usually...
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by r0sebud on 02-26-2012
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