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  • Re: Standard weeping rose hoops

    Looks like a product you can buy in Australia or New Zealand. Is this what you are looking for?
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by jojo on 07-10-2015
  • Re: Petal pigment problems

    Sounds like this rose bush disease - Blackspot, "Diplocarpon rosae", is a nasty fungus that manifests itself on rose bushes as black spots on leaves progressing to black spots fringed with yellow rings on both sides of the leaves. As they develop the spots enlarge. Eventually, as the disease spreads, the entire leaves will go from green ...
    Posted to Hybrid Teas (Forum) by jojo on 06-23-2015
  • Re: planting roses higher than ground level

    Yes you can. Gardeners to have raised beds. A boxed area of dirt a few inches to a few of feet above grade level, boxed in with a wall of bricks or cedar four by fours. Gardeners can now maintain their raised bed, like weeding without bending over as much, easier on their backs. Depending on how much soil in the raised bed, you may need to water ...
    Posted to Climbers and Ramblers (Forum) by jojo on 06-09-2015
  • Re: Pruning Question

    Buds on the canes tell you that they are alive and not dead canes. Pruning down 1/2 size is sufficient for the bush. When most of the bush has new growth, you can see the dead canes have not leafed out, then cut them out.
    Posted to Pruning Roses (Forum) by jojo on 04-23-2014
  • Re: Roses dying suddenly

    Oh, I didn't notice. Your post says you are growing them indoors. Growing roses indoors, with the exception of a greenhouse, is not a good idea. They get very 'leggy' reaching for the light or sun, and they contract lots of diseases like mites, etc. Roses are an outdoor plant. Just think of David Austin breeding roses in England, a ...
    Posted to Hybrid Teas (Forum) by jojo on 03-28-2014
  • Re: Mildew ???

     No, rose fertilizer doesn't produce mildew. Is the rose bush planted in a shady area? You want the bush in a sunny part of your yard. Try not to water the leaves of the bush. Water the ground so that the leaves don't get wet and the mildew spores don't have moisture to populate. Try a fungicidal soap spray on the leaves and ...
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by jojo on 03-26-2014
  • Re: Roses dying suddenly

     What type of roses are they. Give me their rose name and I will look it up.
    Posted to Hybrid Teas (Forum) by jojo on 03-26-2014
  • Re: Stunted Rose Growth - Causes?

    That Bayer product has an  insecticide called Imidacloprid which is classified as "likely to be carcinogenic to humans". Be aware that imidacloprid applications has sometimes contributed to outbreaks of spider mites and certain other pests. Do not apply imidacloprid to plants with cottony cushion scale because the ...
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by jojo on 04-19-2012
  • Re: Winchester Cathedral rose bareroot plant--how long to show growth

    Hi Windchester Cathedral is a David Austin rose. David Austins are very hardy roses and I don't think you should be too concerned. Give it some time for the roots to become established in the new soil. Roses need to be located in a sunny area of your yard, so I hope you had this in mind when you planted.
    Posted to David Austin Roses (Forum) by jojo on 04-05-2012
  • David Austin - Sceptered’ Isle

    <by pyrrhus finch> This plant (i have three) always takes on the nicest, round shape, the flowers are fairly continuous, and abundant, and size of blooms consistent, big enough for a great display, but not so big the things hang upside down (like Abrahm Darby)... but.. the best parts: the lotus flower shape (the way the petals cup in a ...
    Posted to Your Favorite Rose (Forum) by jojo on 01-23-2011
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