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  • Re: Growing David Austin's in zone 4

    Wow, if you have 40 rose bushes in zone 4 then you are already an expert. I mentioned in another post that Ambrideg Rose can be grown in zone 4. I have it and I'll tell you that it grows great in our zone 8. David Austins tend to grow fast and tall. This one is very fragrant. Never used Bayer All in One, so can't help you with any advice ...
    Posted to David Austin Roses (Forum) by gillian on 11-17-2008
  • Re: Shade tolerant David Austin roses?

    I like Ambridge Rose a David Austin. It is hardy to zone 4. A small rose bush 2.5' x 2', apricot-pink becoming pale pink toward edges. Very fragrant.
    Posted to David Austin Roses (Forum) by gillian on 11-17-2008
  • Re: Delaney Sisters Rose

    It's a  modern rose, white ruffled flowers with red cuff's.Very fragrant Grandiflora. You can find it on the Regan Nursery web site SKU number 1823, $19.99 for the bare root rose bush.  
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by gillian on 11-17-2008
  • Re: my Eutin has Flom on it!

    Sounds like foam from a spittle bug. The bug produces a liquid that they whip up into a mass of bubbles, and then they hide in it. Hose your rose bush and you will wash the spittle bug off.  
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by gillian on 04-24-2007
  • Re: HELP! I need help with rooting roses.

    These are florist roses grown in green houses. They are not suitable for propagating and will not survive outdoors. Sorry for the bad news.   
    Posted to Propagating Roses (Forum) by gillian on 03-20-2007
  • Re: Rose bushes

    Do some pruning this spring. Cut out all the dead woody stems. You can top up your beds with manure. You should catagorize what type of roses they are and research the right care to be implemented. I am assuming none of them are climbers. This should get you started.  Happy Gardening    
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by gillian on 03-12-2007
  • Re: New to Roses

    Yes you can prune them now about 18'' above ground if they are hybrid teas and floribundas. The grass looks a little dry, water at least once a week. It is to early to fertilize. Fertilizer will not work untill the roses start growing. A drip system at the roots is good since the leaves do not get wet. This will keep backspot and mildew problems ...
    Posted to Pruning Roses (Forum) by gillian on 03-12-2007
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