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  • Re: new to roses, need help

    Yes, you could cut a strong and health cane and root it with rooting hormone and then plant. If you find a sucker, you can just dig it up and cut it from the roots in the soil and re-plant. The sucker already has roots, this is why you can re-plant right away and it will grow. You can read this article on propagating roses for further ...
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by garey on 05-31-2007
  • Re: Composting rose clippings

    You should not compost rose clippings or rose leaves. Any diseases residing on the clippings will remain in the compost. When applying back into your garden, you will infect your other roses or plants. And then you will be crying.
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by garey on 05-18-2007
  • Re: diseases

    Black spot is a tough disease to beat. My aunte said to spray with cold black tea. I am going to try it this season it black spot hits my roses.
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by garey on 05-18-2007
  • Re: Finding a certain rose

    Yes, Jackie rose is in the Botanica's Roses the Encyclopedia of roses. I have the book too.
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by garey on 05-18-2007
  • Re: Fertilizer which also treats rose diseases

    Hi,  I do not know what products you have in the UK, but look for a liquid humus product that will add organic nutrients to the soil. Use this 2 or 3 times during the growing season. Once a month you may spray a weak solution of fish emulsion or manure tea onto the rose bushes. Sorry, I couldn't tell you what disease treatment the ...
    Posted to Fertilizing Roses (Forum) by garey on 01-27-2007
  • Graham Thomas Rose

      It seems all my roses come up about the same time here in the EUP of Michigan, but Graham is always a month behind. It this usual or could there be something wrong? It sits near the road, could it be the salt, although none of the other roses suffer!
    Posted to David Austin Roses (Forum) by garey on 12-30-2006
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