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  • Re: White "Dust" On Leaves

    That white dust is powdery mildew which is a fungus that grows on the rose bush leaves. Unfortunately, the fungus was probably in the soil of the plant when you bought it. Water the plant soil and you don't see it but the fungus floats up thought the air and lands on the leaf of the plant. It then spreads and you see the white dusting. There ...
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by admin on 01-14-2017
  • Re: Need your suggestion of an indoor rose plant

    Sorry to say that roses are not indoor plants. They originate from cold countries such as English rose gardens in Castle estates. Roses will not flourish in the constant temperature dry air of your home.They also need natural light from the sun, not your house lamps. How about planting a rose bush outside and beside your living room window, then ...
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by admin on 01-14-2017
  • Re: Brown Leaves

    I would say under watering. Do you have a soaker hose. Soak the area around the bush, about 5ft around. Do this every day until the leaves green out.
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by admin on 04-26-2009
  • Re: Rose color change

    Quite a surprise isn't it. Well this is what I believe has happened. The rose graft with the the pink peace roses has died back over the winter, and the root stock has grown new stems with peach color roses. But quite unusual to happen to 11 of your bushes. I hope you like the new color.
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by admin on 04-26-2009
  • Re: Large Knuckle needs to go

    After talking with a friend, I thought that the answer to this condition was this... This knuckle is where the growers graft on a bud union onto the the root stock. Since you have a higher up knuckle, this would suggest that a 2nd bud union was also grafter higher. Now that you say you have had the bushes for 10 years and have never ...
    Posted to Floribundas (Forum) by admin on 04-25-2009
  • Re: ooze coming from canes

    I have never heard of this condition. But there are spit bugs that leave a spit glob. You may have an infestation of spit bugs in your greenhouse. They suck the moisture out of the stems. You can hose them off with a heavy spray of water. They are prayed on by yellow jackets that are locked out of your greenhouse.
    Posted to General Questions (Forum) by admin on 04-19-2009
  • Re: no blooms

    Is the bush getting enough sun light in its new location? If a rose does not get at least 5 hours of direct sun it will start to grow long shoots and not bloom.
    Posted to Old / Antique roses (Forum) by admin on 04-18-2009
  • Re: Fungal Disease or Cold Damage??

    This sounds like rose stem canker. Check out this article  for rose stem description.
    Posted to Rose Diseases (Forum) by admin on 04-18-2009
  • Re: transplanting rose bushes

    It will be difficult on the rose bush to move once in bloom. If you dig a large enough hole and move as much earth with the roots as possible, you may not harm the bush. Try not to cut the roots with a shovel,  I am sure you are not going to postpone expanding your deck, so give it a try and hope for the best.
    Posted to Transplanting Roses (Forum) by admin on 04-12-2009
  • Re: location for hybrid tea

    1st of all you want good drainage of soil, 4-5 hours of sun for your roses. Do not crowd your rose bush with other trees and plants. Climbers don't mind mixed company but hybrid tea rose like to be in with other roses or non-invasive low growing plants.
    Posted to Transplanting Roses (Forum) by admin on 04-09-2009
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