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Rose Climber Question?

Last post 01-02-2007 9:07 PM by Anonymous. 2 replies.
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  • 01-02-2007 9:07 PM

    Rose Climber Question?

    Hi !
    I'm new at roses, some good friends talked me into trying one. They said I'll be hocked...... so here it goes.

    My first question is, having just planted an new climber, is it to early to sprinkle some epson salts on the soil around the roots or should I wait a year?

    Second question is, there are about 5 good twigs which the new growth is coming on and there is a 1 foot trellace for the climber to grow on till it get to the top where it can go crazy, should I consentrate on 2 or
    3 twigs or let them all go an see what happens and which will be the stronger of the twigs?

    Thx Gary

  • 01-02-2007 9:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Rose Climber Question?

    In answer to your questions:

    It is definately not too early to sprinkle epson salt around the base of your newly planted rose climber. It reportedly contributes to basal breaks (when you see new canes coming from the bud union or the graft of the rose - this is something that rose lovers get very excited about). Epson salt also contributes magnesium to the foliage which is a very important greening
    mineral. A small handful should do it and the usual time of application is

    Second question: let all of your canes grow, don't cut any back. As they grow, you should tie them to the trellis for support. Roses do not have tendrils such as sweet peas or beans, they need us to tie the canes to
    supports. Climbing roses do not need to be pruned for the first 2 to 3 years after planting. Then you can prune for shape and length and also prune out any diseased or weak wood. Don't forget to fertilize with chicken, steer, horse or mushroom maure and you can start watering with fish fertilizer in about a month.

  • 01-02-2007 9:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Rose Climber Question?

    I am going to prune back my climbing rose.What is a good time to prune i live in Western ky.I will also transplant it to.
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