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My interest in roses began when I moved into my first ground level suite. I was in my early thirties, this was a brand new housing development and I had a patio with a small yard at my disposal.
One of the easiest and most rewarding things that you can do to ensure that your roses are healthy and strong, is to top dress them with home made compost.
With the exception of large climbers, most roses can be grown successfully in containers. It is important that the container be large enough to provide ample space for the roots; also to have good
Most people appreciate the roses, which come from the rose breeder David Austin. Created in England one would assume that Austin roses would do as well here in the Pacific Northwest
Of course, there is definitely a limit as to how far north roses can thrive, but there are a few species roses hardy to zone 1. Many cultivars (cultivated varieties) are hardy without protection in Zone 3 (-34 to 40 Celsius) and a further few are hardy to Zone 2
Even though the most carefully tended rose garden will occasionally have encounters with certain garden pests, this should never discourage you from growing and enjoying the ‘Queen of Flowers”.
Fossil evidence suggests that roses flourished at least 32 million years ago. Besides being incredibly ancient it is interesting to note that roses


How good are you at the spelling of rose names?


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Rose Pests

Appearing in the spring, they particularly love new succulent growth, draining the tasty sap from rapidly growing shoots. It is best to wipe out
If you see signs of chewing on your rose blooms and young leaves, you may have earwigs
Cane Borers are nasty little insects that drill holes into the end of your rose canes, causing them to eventually die.
Inchworms are tiny caterpillars that infest your rose buds and young leaves in the spring. Diligent hand picking is the best method of controlling



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