Correct rose spacing is important for two reasons. Roses need room to grow and bloom, and you need room to tend them. Rose are one of the oldest cultivated flowers, and it is a well known fact that giving them room keeps them happy.

staggered roses

     To plant a wide shrub border or hedge, set plants in a staggered row to get best screening effect. If you'd like a tight privacy screen, use 30 inch spacing. If you prefer a hedge that lets breezes through, go to a six foot spacing. Remember also to discuss height and spread with your local nursery.

spacing roses

     Plan rose bush beds so that each plant receives maximum light and air. This not only cuts down on disease, it also gives you room for cultivating, pruning and spraying. Bush types require a minimum spacing of two feet, but 30 inches is prefered. Spacing between the plant and edge of bed should be approx. 20 inches.

climbing roses

     Climbing roses, especially ramblers, have a long reach. A six foot spacing is a minimum even if you want solid coverage for privacy. But a 10 foot spacing gives a more pleasing open growth pattern and makes tending easier. It also allows horizontal training which will result in better blooms. (By Fen Lugrin)

Rose Type Minimum Space Requirements
Hybred Teas 2 Ft.
Floribundas 2 Ft.
Grandifloras 2 Ft.
Shrub Roses 2.5 Ft.
English Roses 3 Ft.
Climbers 6 Ft.

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