Feed Your Roses


Feed Your Roses The Best

     Organic amendments, such as compost and composted manure, make ideal rose food because they decompose gradually and build soil. Apply these nutritious foods (a 1 gallon bucket of a dry amendment or a blend of several; 1 gallon of liquid foods) by working them into the soil around each plant in April and July:


  • Alfalfa meal: contains basic nutrients and a growth regulator; roses love it.

  • Cottonseed Meal: High in nitrogen; acidifies soil.

  • Fish emulsion: Liquid nutrient rich food that promotes green foliage, vigorous roots, large blooms and healthy soil.

  • Seaweed products: Dry or liquid forms contain plant hormones that boost growth and green foliage.

  • Banana peels: Add potassium for strong canes and overall vigor.

  • Epson sault: Provides magnesium for healthy development and lush green growth.

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