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Black Gold For Roses

One of the easiest and most rewarding things that you can do to ensure that your roses are healthy and strong, is to top dress them with home made compost. Because it provides plant nutrients in a balanced and ready-to-use form and enriches the texture and structure of the soil, compost is truly black gold for your roses!


Old Roses

Recently, there has been a great surge of interest in old roses. These consist of all the classes that were in existence before 1867, when the first hybrid tea rose called “La France” appeared. Gardeners of today are in love with the disease resistance, wonderful fragrance, hardiness and old-fashioned flower forms of the many beautiful varieties that are now widely available.


pH and Your Rose Soil

A soil test is essential to planning for that new garden or changing one to accommodate new conditions. At the least, a test of the soil's pH is necessary to determine the health and vitality of the ground into which you plan to invest your landscape dollars.







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